"Ashley is a phenomenal teacher. Her knowledge about music is second to none. Her ability to transfer that knowledge in such a passionate way makes every lesson an adventure. Thank you for being the highlight of my week!"

YEAR 6: Dr. Willem G, Anesthesiologist



Dad: Musician

Mom: Linguist






Professional Experience


College &

Grad Work


Developed professional training program


Adapted professional program for adults


Heritage: Dad a Musician & Mom a Linguist


Elite Early Training


Professional Experience


College & Grad Work


Developed professional training program


Adapted professional program for adults

Ashley's Education

Master of Music, Music Education, Boston University (Honors)

Bachelor of Music, Piano Performance, Grand Canyon University (Honors)


Piano Early Years: Angela Palmer, from University of Illinois, Award Winning Piano Prodigy trained Conservatory Level

Piano Pre-Collegiate: Lawrence Clapp, from Julliard School of Music, Honors Graduate Level, Elite Competition Winner

Piano Collegiate: Dr. Judy Lively, Professor, Direct student of Beethoven and Liszt, named in the list of America's most prestigious piano teachers, protégé of the legendary pianist and pedagogue Josef Banowetz

Piano Pedagogy: Professor Christy Gutshall, Direct student of the Mother of Modern Piano Pedagogy, Francis Clark

Voice: Dr. Sheila Corley, Dean of Grand Canyon University's School of Music

Ashley's Pedigree

Professional Memberships, Certifications, and Leadership

Past President & Member Arizona State Music Teacher's Association

Past President & Member East Valley Music Teacher's Association

Member National Music Teacher's Association

Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

"I cannot express enough how much Ashley positively impacted my life. Her exceptional teaching skills, tailored approach, and passion for music significantly improved my piano skills and enriched my life in countless ways.

Ashley had a unique ability to make learning enjoyable and engaging, breaking down complex concepts effortlessly. Her professionalism, punctuality, and dedication to my progress made each lesson a valuable experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for an incredible piano teacher who can make a positive impact on both your musical journey and your life as a whole."

LEGACY: Kenzie B.

Teaching and Judging Experiences

- Over Three Decades of experience teaching piano privately at the Advanced & Conservatory levels.

- Instructed and mentored numerous Award-Winning Students of all ages and skill levels, many of whom achieved Top Honors in Competitive Settings.

- Trained multiple individuals who have gone on to successful careers as Piano Teachers, Musicians, Pianists, Arrangers, and Composers.

- Professionally Coached Pianists, Vocalists, Arrangers, & Composers to take their skills to the next level Professionally.

- Served as Judge for state, local, and national Piano Competitions.

- Executive Director of Master's Music Academy.

- Pioneered the development of the innovative WholeMusic™ method.

- Founded the Master’s Pedagogical Institute and initiated the Piano Lessons for Adults Program.

Performing, Composing, and Music Directing

- Earned the prestigious Top Talent Award for three consecutive years in the National Piano Guild competitions.

- Demonstrated musical prowess as a Professional Performer across various International Venues including: International Conferences, Collaborative Recording Projects with artists such as Glenn Campbell, Recording & Performance for a BBC Television Documentary, and Concert Tours throughout Asia and the Asian Pacific Islands.

- Presented Solo Concerts and Featured Performances Globally with organizations like Wycliffe, New Tribes, Focus on the Family, and Sister Cities as an American Cultural Ambassador.

- Contributed to the success of many Studio Recordings by Performing & Arranging in Studio for various Artists' Recording Sessions.

- Demonstrated Mastery & Respect for American Jazz & Pop Music as a Pianist & Singer in Wine Bars & Resorts.

- Served as a sought after Accompanist for Instrumentalists, Vocalists, and Churches.

- Showcased musical versatility by performing weekly as a professional singer and pianist for Church Worship Teams.

- Contributed as a backup and lead artist on diverse Classical, Pop, and Church Music recording projects.

- Distinguished featured performer in national and international tours, excelling as a Singer, Pianist, and Songwriter.

- Held roles as an Artist in Residence, Music Arranger, and Music Director for The Palms Theatre, honing skills in the Musical Theatre Genre.

- Exercised exceptional skills as Music Director and Music Arranger for Class6 Theatre, working on music for Shakespearean productions.

- Demonstrated a talent for Composition, Arrangement, Transcription, and Editing across a range of Stage & Studio projects spanning Pop, Church, and Musical Theatre genres.

- Showcased Classical works in concert as a Classical Concert Pianist and in studio as a Classical Recording Artist.

1 Session Per Week

Tuition: $600 per month

2 Sessions per week

Tuition: $1,000 per month

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