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Joining this program means joining a Community of Like-Minded Successful Adults learning to Master Piano. 24 adults per year participate in this program. Typically, 1 or 2 new student slots open per year.

Each adult takes Private Lessons Weekly. Group sessions are, also, scheduled to grow & learn together as a cohort. You might find your new Group of Best Friends!

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You have the option to schedule One or Two Private 60-minute Lessons per week. Lessons are grouped into 4-session Units, contributing to a broader 12-Unit Yearly Level.

We Prioritize Your Convenience When Scheduling, and in instances where you're unavailable for a week or two, we'll arrange extra lessons before and/or after to Ensure a Seamless Completion of each unit's Content and Skill-Building.

Most students, also, alternate between In-Studio & Video Chat lessons as they travel throughout the year.

After taking piano lessons during childhood, I decided to give it another go as an adult with Ashley. It was so fun and amazing what came back to me. Ashley goes far beyond just teaching to read music and play the correct keys. She teaches theory, history, and the instrument as a whole. She tailored my lessons to suit my goals and challenged me far beyond what I thought I could play.

YEAR 3: Jennifer J. Dr of Pharmacy

The Creation of


What sets the WholeMusic™ curriculum apart from other adult piano lessons is the Elevated Learner Outcomes - professional level training adapted for beginning adults. This is an elite, conservatory level program modified to give adults access to the best in High Art skill acquisition.

Ashley Lane's father was a Mozartian level musical mind. From a young age she came up through the Elite Concert Pianist Training Programs, and over time maintained a successful Performance Career spending decades Training Incredible Professional Musicians.

Through a friend, she was encouraged to give adults access to this level of training - so she did. If you are going to spend your hard earned leisure time & money learning to play piano - you might as well get professional results & play beyond your wildest dreams.


1 Session Per Week

Tuition: $600 per month

2 Sessions per week

Tuition: $1,000 per month

This is without a doubt one of the best and most comprehensive programs. What Ashley has developed is truly impressive. She is so welcoming and takes people across the spectrum in music. Working with Ashley not only gave me confidence and improved my skills but was truly enjoyable for me. Wherever you are musically, she has a plan to work with you. I would highly recommend Ashley's program to anyone who is interested in music. She is absolutely fabulous!

Aliya A. Attorney at Law

The WholeMusic™ Approach

Ashley Lane, Creator of WholeMusic sitting at the piano
Ashley Lane, Creator of WholeMusic sitting at the piano

The WholeMusic™ Approach

Our groundbreaking WholeMusic™ approach forms the core foundation for adults to master the piano.

We commitment to unleashing your growth simultaneously. Unlike traditional piano lessons where learners often must choose between honing one skill or another, our fully-integrated approach ensures you become proficient in all four core skills in a single, unified lesson. Say goodbye to the need for four different teachers and lessons – we provide you with a comprehensive learning experience within one lesson. Our mission is clear: to ensure that your investment of time and money yields the most rewarding musical journey possible.

This distinctive methodology is designed to empower you with a comprehensive mastery of the piano. We recognize that your time is precious, and we're committed to making every moment you spend with us count.

Ashley's profound musical expertise, dedication, and patience with me, greatly improved my piano skills. She tailors lessons for individual needs, making learning, enjoyable and rewarding, even during challenging moments. I highly recommend Ashley Lane to anyone, seeking a talented, inspiring piano teacher.

YEAR 2: Dr. Patrick Beecher, M.D., George Washington Univ, Retired

Fluency in Four Core Skills

With Master's Music Academy's WholeMusic™ program, we go beyond conventional piano instruction. In our program, every adult learner becomes fluent in the Four Core Skills:

01. Play by Ear

Develop the remarkable ability to hear a piece of music and recreate it effortlessly on the piano, tapping into your innate musical intuition.

02. Sight Read

Master the art of reading sheet music fluently, unlocking a world of musical compositions waiting to be explored at your fingertips.

03. Play Pieces by Memory

Impress your friends and family as you effortlessly recall and perform your beloved musical pieces from memory.

04. Create Music

Unleash your creativity and compose your own melodies, harmonies, and arrangements, adding your unique voice to the world of music.

I was a student of Ashley's for about 3 years. Ashley is a phenomenal mentor and teacher. She provides the most thorough musical education you can get anywhere. She really knows how to bring out her students talents and capabilities. The experience gained from our monthly performances has served me in so many areas in my life. She is the only person I would ever recommend to someone who is serious about learning music.

YEAR 3: Alexis H.

Achieve 4x The Skill

At Master's Music Academy, we are dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in piano playing & a deep musical mind. With our WholeMusic™ approach, you'll experience exponential growth, gaining four times the skill for a comparable investment of time and money.

Join us on this musical journey, where your aspirations meet unparalleled expertise. Discover the harmonious synergy of the Four Core Skills and redefine what it means to be a skilled pianist. The WholeMusic™ curriculum will guide you every step of the way.

Unlock your true piano-playing potential as you progress through seventeen levels of the WholeMusic™ program – where your musical dreams become a harmonious reality.

Ashley Lan's Piano

1 Session Per Week

Tuition: $600 per month

2 Sessions per week

Tuition: $1,000 per month

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