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I took lessons at Master's Music Academy some time around 2011 through 2016 and what I learned was absolutely invaluable as a musician! Classical music, pop, church music, sight reading, music theory, ear training, composing, the works. My time here prepared me to be the musician I wanted to be. I am eternally grateful to Ashley and her studio!

-Patrick W. Composer, Pianist, Music Producer

Meet Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane, M.Mus., considers it an honor to be welcomed into your musical journey. With her infectious positivity and unwavering encouragement, she's dedicated to helping you discover the true joy of music. Ashley possesses a unique blend of intuition and insight that will elevate your piano skills to heights you once deemed unattainable.

As a seasoned Teaching Artist, Ms. Lane brings decades of real-world professional music expertise to every lesson, infusing a fresh and exciting twist into traditional piano instruction. Her exclusive specialization in teaching adults ensures a tailored approach that makes learning engaging, enjoyable, and challenging.

Under Ashley's guidance, you'll embark on a musical adventure that's not only fun but also profoundly motivating. Each lesson is crafted to cater to your individual aspirations, focusing on the music that resonates with you the most while expanding your horizons. By working with Ashley, you'll evolve into a well-rounded musician, and through your musical exploration, you'll not only deepen your connection to the world of music but also enhance your overall happiness.

With Ashley Lane as your mentor, your musical journey becomes a voyage of self-discovery, unlocking the endless possibilities that music has to offer.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to truly learn and master music as an adult! Ashley Lane is pure genius!

YEAR 4: Dawn B. Government Executive, County Level Administration

Ashley's Pedigree

1 Session Per Week

Tuition: $600 per month

2 Sessions per week

Tuition: $1,000 per month

I feel very fortunate to be a student of Ashley’s. She is extremely knowledgeable and articulate in her training methods. I have learned so much and my piano skills have improved exponentially.

YEAR 6: Joy C. Retired, Project Management, SRP

The WholeMusic™ Curriculum

Your Path to Mastery

At Master's Music Academy, Ashley Lane, M.Mus,, uses the WholeMusic™ curriculum as the foundation to empower Adult Learners to fluently master each of the Four Core Skills through the proven seventeen-level graded course of study.

From the very first lesson, you'll embark on a musical journey like no other, engaging in strategically personalized Master exercises and playing your favorite songs, all while naturally nurturing your knowledge, skill, and understanding within the Pillars of Musical Fluency.

01. Sound

Sound forms the foundational core of musical knowledge and skill. We empower you to make musical choices based on what sounds resonate with you, enabling a profound connection to the music you create.

02. Shape

Shape follows, recognizing that once you identify your desired sound, you must navigate the piano's topographical landscape. This pillar involves not only memorizing by also visualizing the distinct shape of each sound on the piano, enabling you to conjure and see it in your mind's eye effortlessly.

03. Feel

Feel encompasses the third musical pillar, emphasizing the importance of understanding how each sound feels when played on the piano. This tactile connection enhances your ability to translate musical ideas into captivating performances.

04. Look

Look is the fourth musical pillar, unveiling the visual aspect of your musical journey. As you become attuned to how a sound feels, you'll naturally progress to recognizing what that sound, shape, and feel look like on the musical staff, unlocking the ability to read and interpret sheet music with ease.

05. Understanding

Understanding crowns our curriculum, as Music Theory serves as the arched pillar that unifies your musical knowledge and skill. It enables you to think critically and articulate your musical thoughts, allowing you to fluently communicate within the intricate language of music.

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